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How Queensland regional groups are assigned

In the Queensland Branch we have eight regional groups located outside of the Greater Brisbane area (metro area).

The postcode of the location where a member resides determines the regional group to which they are assigned or whether they are members in the metro area.

(a)  Members in Metro Area

Members who reside in locations with Australian postcodes

4000 to 4184 but not 4133;

4300 to 4340 and

4500 to 4506

are regarded as being in the metro area.   

(b) Members in a Regional Group

 Members who reside in locations with Australian postcodes other than those above are assigned to a regional group.   The postcodes used to determine each regional group are as follows

Name of Regional Group                          Postcodes

Gold Coast                                                2478 to 2490; 4205 to 4287; 4133

Sunshine Coast                                        4507 to 4580

Darling Downs                                          4341 to 4490 (based on Toowoomba)

Bundaberg                                                4581 to 4678

Central Queensland                                  4680 to 4736 (based on Rockhampton)         

Mackay-Whitsunday                                  4737 to 4805

Townsville                                                 4806 to 4854

Far North Queensland                               4855 to 4888 (based on Cairns)

You can refer to All postcodes in Queensland issued by Postcodes Australia to determine specific locations covered by particular postcodes

Regional Convenors:

Gold Coast:                               AVM Bill Collins AO               Tel: (07) 5538 7375 

Sunshine Coast:                       Marjorie Voss OAM              Tel: (07) 3410 0348


Darling Downs:                         Prof Paul McNally OAM          Tel: (07) 4632 2286

Bundaberg:                                Donna Duncan OAM             Tel: (07) 4126 1700

Central Queensland:                 Raymond Young OAM            Tel: (07) 4927 4155

Mackay- Whitsunday:                Carmel Daveson AM            Tel: (07) 4953 4149

Townsville:                                No current convenor contact Geoff Cowles OAM Branch secretary -

Far North Queensland:             Carole Millar OAM                Tel: (07) 4055 7702



Please check for events and activities under the section headed "Upcoming events" to the left of this page or refer to the Association Newsletter or contact the relevant regional group convener in your region (details above).

Please note:  Association members may attend any Queensland event or function.   It matters not where you live. 

As a member of The Order of Australia Association, you may book up and attend any Queensland Branch event run in the metro area as well as any regional event run by any regional group.  This invitation is not just for members of the Queensland Branch but is also extended to members visiting Queensland from other interstate or overseas Branches.




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