Membership of the Association is restricted to Order of Australia Honours and Awards recipients.

Membership Benefits provide the opportunities to:

  • be part of a national-wide group numbering in excess of 8,000 interesting motivated, high-achieving community members.
  • participate in and give further service to the community through Branch projects
  • encourage and assist with honours nominations for a broad and diverse cross section of Australians who have gone above and beyond in their community contributions.
  • sponsor or mentor young people with the potential to achieve in certain fields of endeavour.
  • develop future leaders in the community by contributing to higher education scholarships and student awards and projects through tax deductible donation
  • hear stimulating speakers, through Branch and Regional Group activities, and access places of interest not generally open to the public.
  • network with members from other State and Territory Branches, and Regional Groups at the annual National Conference which rotates through each of the capital cities on a yearly basis.
  • receive “The Order” national magazine quarterly in e-version or hard copy.
  • receive e-News from National and Branch e-newsletters and event invitations.
  • mix socially at stimulating events and functions organised by Branches and Regional Groups for their members.


Membership is a part of the National Association, but for administrative and participation purposes, members are aligned to a state or territory (Branch) in Australia. There are two overseas branches – UK/Europe or North America. Members may also be aligned to a regional group in those states that have them. Members who live in one state may choose to ‘align’ with another regional group interstate, particularly where a neighbouring regional group exists. However, only one state alignment is possible.

Members may elect to be admitted as an annual member, three-year member, ten-year member or life member either by one, two or four instalments

To join the Association, please click here to access our on-line membership application.

For an offline version, please click here to download the membership application.

Membership is administered by the National Membership Officer in the Association’s Canberra Office Telephone (02) 6273 0322.

As a member of the association, you may order 6 replacement Lapel Pins per year direct from Government House .Honours Secretariat Tel: (02) 6283 3533 Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Member Profile

Members need to register first using mobile or membership number; a temporary password is emailed to member which should be changed upon receipt. The link allows members to pay their membership renewal invoice via ozone, or to change addresses and telephone numbers.