Citizenship Resource Volunteer

One of the functions of the Order of Australia Association is to provide opportunities for ongoing support to the community through Branch projects. The SA Branch committee is considering a new initiative to engage with the younger members of our community in a meaningful way – through the creation of Citizenship Resource Volunteers.

The role of a Citizenship Resource Volunteer will be to support teachers in delivering a prepared classroom lesson from the Citizenship Knowledge and Understanding Strand, Civics and Citizenship, which looks at the Australian National Honours system and the ways in which individuals may contribute to civic life and serve others.

On 23 September, the first induction session was delivered online via Zoom. Malcolm McInerney (Department for Education), a subject matter expert in Humanities education and current Manager of the Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools, gave an overview of Civics and Citizenship from the Australian Curriculum for Schools. Some of these participants will take part in an initial pilot program in schools to test the program’s feasibility.

On this page you can find information about the CRV program, copies of the CRV induction presentation, and the presentation which has been prepared to support the classroom lesson.

If you would be interested in supporting this program and would like to put your name forward as a Citizenship Resource Volunteer, please complete the attached Reply Slip and return it to Mr Noel Hender OAM BEM:

Citizenship Resource Volunteer, information package
Citizenship Resource Volunteer, EOI Form

CRV-1 Volunteer Induction (pdf document)

CRV-2 Citizenship Lesson (pdf document)