Tasmania Branch Regional Groups

There are three Regional Groups of the Tasmania Branch that each have regular meetings and/or functions throughout the year. Attendance at these Regional Group activities is usually very good and it is a great way to meet others who have been recognised for their achievements in the community in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The Regional Group membership is based on the Tasmanian Postcodes.  The Southern Region covers postcodes 7000 to 7190; Northern Region 7212 to 7304 except for 7256; North Western Region 7307 to 7999 including 7256 for King Island.

Mr Graeme Milburn AM
Ph 0419 249 439
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr Ron Blake OAM

Dr George Merridew AM
Contact the Secretary – Mrs Jenny Fraser OAM
Ph 0417 160 707

Convenor: Mrs Belinda Hazell OAM
Contact the Secretary – Mrs Maureen Oates OAM
Ph 03 6266 4114