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QLD Secondary Schools Citizenship Awards

The Queensland Branch of The Order of Australia Association is pleased to advise that the Secondary Schools Citizenship Awards have returned for 2021.

Nominations are now open and can be received anytime up to and including Monday 2 August 2021.

The Queensland Branch of the Association invites nominations annually for Secondary Schools’ Citizenship Awards from Queensland Secondary Schools.

The Secondary Schools Citizenship Awards have been conducted in Queensland since 1999. Other State Branches of the Association conduct similar Citizenship Awards.

The purpose of the Awards

  • To recognise students for their community service and remind us all of the significant level of volunteering undertaken by young Australians;
  • to encourage students to think about Australian citizenship and the importance of contributing to their community through service and involvement; and
  • to make students more aware of the Australian Honours system and the ideals of good citizenship that it enshrines.

The awards program is conducted by the Queensland Branch in accord with its approved policy.

Nomination Forms

2021 Nomination forms (to be completed by the School not the student and endorsed by the Principal, Head of School or equivalent.) These are avail